Crucial milestone since 2008


July     2008
Xunlight Kunshan has been founded

October  2009
Xunlight Kunshan successfully completes the installation of its 10MW flexible solar module production line.

January  2010
Xunlight Kunshan is rated as “characteristic industrial demonstration enterprise"

March    2010
Xunlight Kunshan delivers its first shipment of solar modules.

April    2010
Xunlight receives UL 1703 certification.

December 2010
Xunlight receives IEC 61646 and 61730 certifications.

January  2011
Xunlight Kunshan is rated as "advanced collective of innovation of science and technology"

August   2012
Xunlight Kunshan was awarded the "Kunshan R & D institutions"

August   2012
XunlightKunshan successfully applied the project "Transformation of scientific achievements"

July     2013
Xunlight Kunshan receives ISO9001 certification.

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