The unique performance advantages of Xunlight Kunshan's flexible solar modules allow them to be used in a wider than usual variety of applications. Xunlight Kunshan's products have been used in Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV),as well as other non-traditional solar power markets,such as automobiles, yachts, agricultural and industrial facilities, environmental protection projects, and wilderness exploration applications.
Furthermore, Xunlight Kunshan provides you with installation services and technologies to ensure the effective and stable performance of our products.


Basic Characteristics at STC XLS11-72 XLS22-144
Power ±10% Pm(W) 72 144
Open-circuit Voltage Voc(V) 24.2 48.4
Short-circuit Current Isc(A) 5.1 5.1
Voltage at Max Power Vmp(V) 17.6 35.2
Current at Max Power Imp(A) 4.09 4.09
Length (±5 mm) L (mm) 2741 5392
Width (±3 mm) W (mm) 378 378
Weight M (Kg) 2.8 5.3
Thickness T (mm) 1.5 1.5
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